Traveling to Vienna

Today we were going to tour around Prague some more, but we decided  that we were just too tired.  Instead, we went to the train station at  about 10 and reserved a seat on a train to Vienna for early afternoon.  I  would love to say that we left and saw a few more sites in Prague while  we waited, but we did not.  We stayed in a little train station  restaurant and played cards, planned our site seeing around Vienna, and  talked.  This was a much-needed break.  We found a little grocery store  just outside the station to buy snacks for the remainder of our time in  Europe.

Tired and a little chilly, we boarded our train to Austria.  It was  nice to be back on a train during the daytime so that we could watch the  landscape around us.  Rolling green hills dotted with cows and sheep  always make Jen and me happy.

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