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I’m on the train, watching beautiful little Czech towns pass by, and thought I’d reflect a bit on our trip… so, things I have learned on this trip:

1. There is such a thing as too much cheese
2. I prefer the small towns of Europe to the touristy big-cities
3. Kendra and I make awesome travel companions
4. Night trains really are a great way to travel without losing sightseeing time
5. Absinthe does not make you hallucinate
6. Europeans don’t fault Americans for voting in Bush the first time around, but reelecting him confirmed their suspicions that we’re idiots
7. Krakow is an amazing place to visit
8. Always pack a towel, even on day trips
9. Austrians make a mean French fry
10. I do like beer, as long as it’s Hungarian or Austrian

My favorite moments of this trip:

1. Driving 110 mph on the Autobahn
2. Hiking in the Alps
3. Walking with Kendra through the misty streets of Prague at night
4. Biking along the Salzach River
5. Nights at St. Augustine’s Beer Garden
6. Train rides through the countryside of the Czech Republic
7. Staying in the Momotown Hostel in Krakow
8. The baths in Budapest

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