Post-Wedding Fun

Everyone is exhausted. Yesterday was the wedding and it was fantastic!!! The ceremony was at 2pm in St. Brigid’s Church in Trim. Typical of a Catholic Wedding, it was a little over an hour long, however the priest was great. Everything and everyone looked so beautiful, especially Chrissy – she was the perfect bride! After the ceremony, the wedding party traveled to Trim Castle where we took photographs. I don’t think I have ever seen wedding photos as cool as that!

The wedding party at Trim Castle.

With my siblings at my cousin Chrissy's wedding.When we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted with a red carpet and champagne flutes with strawberries floating at the bottom. After some socializing, the wedding party was introduced, and we all had a fabulous time dancing our way into the reception room. The night just got better with every minute. The food was incredible, and after some very lengthy speeches, the dancing began. Kendra and I turned in at 3am, and the party finally wound down at 6:30am when they closed the bar. Needless to say, most everyone was asleep long past breakfast.

At the reception for my cousin Chrissy's wedding.

With my mom and sister at my cousin Chrissy's wedding.

At 1:30pm today, we all gathered into a bus and traveled to Peter and Nora’s house (Lathan’s parents). They greeted us with hugs and massive amounts of food. We spent the rest of the day eating, socializing, and enjoying our last evening with Lathan’s family. The majority of the US folks are flying out tomorrow. Kendra and I will hitch a ride on their bus and return to Dublin for two more nights. Though I am excited to return to Dublin, I am ready to go home.

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